White Coal from Agricultural Waste makes a difference in India


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White coal is a form of bio fuel produced by agriculture or forestry waste. It differs from charcoal and black coal and produces more heat than green wood. White coal is a biomass briquette which replaces fossil fuels such as lignite, coal, gas and so on. It is called white coal because it does not create any type of pollution when it’s burning.

The Production of White Coal

Agricultural waste or biomass is gathered and compressed under large pressure into briquette press which is converted into bio fuel. If the raw material size is small then it is directly fed into the briquetting press machine – if large it must be crushed first. This whole process is simple and Eco friendly.

Nowadays White coal is made from

  • Sugarcane Bagasse
  • Forestry gleanings; wood chips and shavings
  • Castor seed shells
  • Rice husk and paddy straw
  • Coir dust
  • Wheat straw
  • Mustard waste
  • Bajra cobs
  • Groundnut shells
  • Sunflower waste

Advantages of White Coal

  • White coal is cheaper than firewood and black coal.
  • Moisture content is nil and low ash content in white coal.
  • Biomass briquette press machine has the ability to make biomass briquettes with high calorific thermal value in a better way.
  • Briquettes have stable quality, have high burning efficiency, and are ideally sized for complete combustion.
  • There is no chemical in white coal, therefore no toxic gases.
  • The calorific thermal value of fuel briquettes is approximately 3500 to 4000 kcal/kg.

India is becoming a major manufacturer and exporter of white coal. There are large number of briquetting machine manufacturers in India who are switching towards the use of bio fuel instead of fossil fuels. White coal manufacturing capacity is increasing rapidly in the state of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. The production of white coal using agriculture or forestry waste is most common in North India.

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