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The TSB, EPSRC and Chinese MoST are committed to the development of innovative technologies through jointly funded collaborative research in the area of Sustainable Manufacturing. A Sustainable Manufacturing Mission to China is to be held to enable the UK’s high technology SMEs & key large companies to build effective business links with the Chinese manufacturing sector as an enabling process to generate key innovation partnerships.

If you are interested in strengthening your business links to China to enhance innovation (& potentially accessing collaborative R&D funding to work with Chinese partners in technology development) then please email to obtain an application form for completion before 12 July 2013. Register and attend the webinar on 2 July 2013 (11:00)

The Mission is fully funded for UK SMEs & larger companies are also generously supported.
The DEADLINE for the final round of applications is 12th July 2013

Briefing webinar

An initial briefing webinar was run on 2/10/12 and a second webinar will be held on 2/2/2013 July 2013.  Please note the webinar will be restricted to pre-registered viewers and so register early to prevent disappointment.

Mission Aims

The primary aim of the mission is to create links between UK and Chinese participants that will lead to enhanced opportunities for collaborative innovation and specifically generate appropriate project partnerships interested in submitting proposals for financial support to a joint UK-China Sustainable Manufacturing Collaborative Research and Development Call in Q1 21014. Opportunities around direct sales and technology licensing may also result, but are not the primary focus of the mission.

What is the size of the opportunity for my business?

Chinese industry is investing heavily in cutting-edge manufacturing technology, both for new plant and upgrades, as it moves towards higher value, sustainable manufacturing.  Positioning the UK as a key technology provider & partner for innovative manufacturing is essential to retain technical excellence & deliver value to the UK.

Is my technology offering in scope?

The scope of the Sustainable Manufacturing Mission is deliberatively broad and encompasses all areas of manufacturing. Illustrations of in-scope projects are those that were successful in the last TSB calls on “Sustainable Manufacturing for the Process Industry” and “Resource efficiency: Supply chain innovation” Delegates will be accepted onto the mission based on the strength of their technology offering and the level of interest from the Chinese participants.

What funding is available?

Travel and subsistence will be arranged for all delegates and costs will be fully covered for SME participants. Support is also available to large companies, but international travel is excluded.

What is the itinerary of the mission?

The itinerary of the mission will involve a number of meetings at selected centres where a cross section of interested Chinese industry representatives will assemble to hear short presentations and hold 1:1 discussions with UK delegates. Some pre-matching will be performed prior to each session to ensure high levels of interest are maintained and the opportunity to establish innovation dialogues maximised.

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