Pesticide Action Week, 20-30th March 2014


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The Pesticide Action Week is an annual and international event, open to everyone, with the aim to promote alternatives to pesticides. The campaign takes place during the  first ten days of spring when the spreading of pesticides usually resumes.

The public is invited to get better informed about the health and environmental challenges caused by pesticides and learn more about possible alternatives to pesticides by taking part in one of the hundreds of organised activities: conferences, panel discussions, film shows, workshops, open days at organic farms, information stands, exhibitions, shows…

The goals of this event are:

  • Raising awareness on the health and environment risks of synthetic pesticides
  • Highlighting and promoting alternative solutions
  • Building a global grassroots movement for a pesticide-free world

Visit the site for a huge number of resources, in French, English, German, Arabic, Spanish and Italian.

Visit the French parent site here.

Association Générations Futures
Association coordinatrice de la Semaine pour les alternatives aux pesticides
25, rue d’Alsace
75 010 Paris

Tél:  (+33)(0)9 70 46 09 94 / (+33) (0)1 45 79 07 59


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