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CSE has recently published the following new books:

1. Junk Food BustedThis book is a vital source to understand what junk food does to our health and why they should be avoided.  It’s a must buy especially if you have young kids at home, as they are more prone to getting addicted to the junk food culture.

2. Climate Change in South Asia: A Book of Activities 2:  It’s the second book in our climate change series to update our earlier popular one. This time it also covers its impact in South Asia .

3. Paryavaran Shiksha Par Aadharit Kriya kalaapon Ki KitabThis is another useful book on climate change, in Hindi.

4. Mera Pados Kitna Hara-bara Hai? This Hindi manual helps you understand the importance of how your neighbourhood impacts your own environment and vice versa.

5. ANNUAL STATE OF INDIA’S ENVIRONMENT REPORT 2014This is the first time we are bringing out such a collector’s item – a limited edition annual report from the Down To Earth magazine.

Each one of them can only add to your collection of must-have books. Down To Earth’s Annual State of India’s Environment Report 2014 will be released during January 2014 while the other four books have just become available. These books are set to join the other popular bestsellers CSE have on their list.

Your order and support helps CSE sustain their research activities.

How to 0rder your books

Please place your order by sending a DD/ Cheque payable to “Centre for Science and Environment”.

You can order our books online also by visiting

Centre for Science and Environment
41 Tughlakabad Institutional Area
New Delhi 110062

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