India NSSO survey: water, sanitation and hygiene


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The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) has released the key indicators of drinking water, sanitation, hygiene and housing condition in India, generated from the data collected in its 69th round survey during July 2012 to December 2012.

About 88.5 percent households in rural India had improved source of drinking water while the corresponding figure was 95.3 percent in urban India. Among rural households, 85.8 percent had sufficient drinking water and for urban India the corresponding figure was 89.6 percent. Percentage of households who got drinking water facilities within premises was 46.1 percent in rural India and 76.8 percent in urban India.

The Centre for Science and Environment has produced a really good infographic, “Water Walkathon”, illustrating the key findings of the report. See it here.



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