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We’ve been proud to support the Centre for Science and the Environment, an environmental NGO based in New Delhi. Here is a complete list of publications for sale. Revenue from book sales is very important to CSE, as it allows them to continue their important work in India.

1. Annual State of India’s Environment Report 2014. This is being released in January 2014. It’s a collection of incisive reports on the year’s key events and happenings on subjects ranging from agriculture, water, energy and forests to climate change, toxins and pollution, industry, and health and food. Ideal reference book for students, researchers and everyone else. (Pages 200) Rs 450 (US $30).

2. Junk Food Busted. Junk food is defined as food with empty calories — it provides fat, sugar and salt, without nutrition. But how bad is it? This is what CSE’s laboratory checked recently. The results were both predictable and alarming. Read the book to know more. (Pages 48) Rs 280 (US $ 15)

3. Climate Change in South Asia: A Book of Activities 2. Without sharing information on climate change in South Asia nothing can be achieved. We share the same resources and face the same problems. This book narrows our focus to take a closer look. (Pages 52) Rs 250 (US $ 15)

4. Paryavaran Shiksha Par Aadharit Kriyakalaapon Ki Kitab. This book covers the vital area of climate change and natural resources in the form of an activity book. The topics are introduced to students not as paragraphs to memorize, but as activities to do, and learn faster. (Pages 128) Rs 390 (US $ 15)

5. Mera Pados Kitna Hara-bara Hai? Needless to say, Schools and their neighbourhoods depend on each other at many levels. Hence it is very essential that the students understand, appreciate and nurture their neighbourhoods. (Pages 128) Rs 250 (US $ 12)

6. FIRST FOOD: A Taste of India’s Biodiversity. This collection of around 100 recipes from different parts of the country brings to life the magic that takes place once biodiversity is combined with culinary dexterity. (Pages 168) PB: Rs 950/US $60.

7. Excreta Matters – A Students’ Special Edition: We open a tap for water. We push the flush handle to get rid of our excreta. Where does the water come from? Where does the flushed waste go? Find answers to these and more such water issues in this book. (Pages 56) PB Rs 340.00/US $14

8. How Green is My School? This manual is designed as a self-learning and assessment tool so that teachers can work with students to audit their use of natural resources and to experiment with environment friendly practices. Also available in Hindi, Punjabi, etc. (Pages 92) PB: Rs 125/US $9

9. How Green is my Neighbourhood? CSE has been the pioneer in addressing environment education in Schools. We are reaching out to the neighbourhood of each School – understand them, involve them, and empower them. Also available in Hindi. (Pages 128) PB: Rs. 290/US $12

10. Climate Change & Natural Resources: A Book of Activities for Environmental Education: This 4-colour activity book from CSE would be of immense interest not only to close followers of this hot topic but also as a fun primer for anybody with a passing interest in things that could directly affect them. Also available in Hindi. (Pages 128) PB: Rs 390/US $15

11. Reinvent, Recycle, Reuse: Toolkit on Decentralised Wastewater Management: In today’s world sewage treatment is a challenge. The call of the hour is to reuse and recycle the used water. The given case studies update our understanding, and address the issue efficiently. (Pages 98) PB Rs 450/US $35

12. Catch Water Where it Falls: Toolkit on Urban Rainwater Harvesting: This is based on case studies of RWH being implemented, across India – in residential, institutional, and industrial segments – cases that you can relate to, with all the details needed, to implement RWH. (Pages 172) PB Rs. 595/US $38

13. Making Water Everybody’s Business: Practice & Policy of Water Harvesting. This report provides in-depth analysis of traditional practices, technologies, policy issues and the work of governments and NGOs. (Pages 456) PB: Rs 490/US $22

14. Sewage Canal: How to Clean the Yamuna: Backed by hard facts and data this book explores the various options available to clean the Yamuna. (Pages 180) PB: Rs 350/US $14

15. Nectar To Poison: A briefing paper on Arsenic Contamination of Ground Water. An exhaustive set of FAQs on key issues. Also available in Hindi. (Pages 58) PB: Rs 100/US $8

16. Do-it-yourself: Recycle and Reuse Wastewater: The manual presents real-life case studies of wastewater treatment methods adopted in various parts of India. (Pages 100) PB: Rs 250/US $18

17. A Water Harvesting Manual for Urban Areas: Case studies from Delhi: Available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. (Pages 35) PB: Rs 100/US $8

18. First Citizens’ Report (SOE-1): This report analyses the little understood relationship between development and environment, the impact of environmental degradation on individual, social groups, tribals and nomads. (Pages 192) PB: Rs 190/US $9

19. Second Citizens’ Report (SOE-2): Describes major environmental changes in India. It’s a balance sheet of India’s resources and focuses attention on the effect of ecological degradation on the poor. (Pages 393) PB: Rs 700/US $38

20. Third Citizens’ Report (SOE-3): Floods, Flood Plains & Environmental Myths: This remains one of the few chronicles of the ecological change taking place in the Indo-Gangetic plains – India’s most densely populated area. (Pages 167) PB: Rs 375/US $18

21. Fourth Citizens’ Report (SOE-4): Dying Wisdom: Provides a total overview of India’s millennia-old traditions of rainwater harvesting. It riggered a nationwide interest in community-based water management. Also available in Hindi. (Pages 404) PB: Rs 390/US $14, Hindi Rs 290/US $12

22. Fifth Citizens’ Report (SOE-5): This documents the extraordinary initiatives in the rural sector and the crisis the urban sector faces. (Pages: Part I – 440; PB: Rs 800/US $45; Pages: Part II – 256) PB: Rs 480/US $25

23. Sixth Citizens’ Report (SOE-6): Rich lands poor people: This book documents all the complexities of mining. Gives an overview of the challenges – protection and preservation of environment and inclusive development of all sections of society. (Pages 360) PB: Rs 590/US $38

24. Seventh Citizens’ Report (SOE–7): Excreta Matters: This is India’s first comprehensive survey presented in an attractive 2-volume set on the state of its water and its management. Get to know the water-waste profiles of 71 Indian cities. (Vol.–1: Pages 296 Rs 750/US $45 and Vol –2: Pages 496 Rs 1,100/US $60) Two Volume Set: Pages 792, Rs 1,450/US $80

25. Agenda Unlimited: Across India, people have taken their destinies into their hands – Improving their future. A compendium of such stories. Reported over 12 years. (Pages 288) PB: Rs 490/US $29

26. Global Environmental Negotiations – 1: Green Politics: This book provides a close analysis of important environment related conventions and institutions from their origins, and demystifies the politics of ‘saving the environment’. (Pages 409) PB: Rs 590/US $31

27. Global Environmental Negotiations – 2: Poles Apart: Includes updates on the issues dealt within the first report, Green Politics. Has also new chapters on five conventions and institutions, and updates on issues covered in the first report. (Pages 441) PB: Rs 690/US $33

28. Facing the Sun: Policy for Sustainable Grid-connected Solar Energy: This is an independent research to understand how grid-connected solar power projects are being implemented. (Pages 92) PB: Rs 495/US $35)

29. Going Remote: Re-inventing the off-grid Solar Revolution for Clean Energy for All: One-third of our households have no access to grid power. Off-grid could be the way the world solves its twin problems of energy poverty and climate change. (Pages 92) PB: Rs 495/US $35

30. Into The Furnace: Green Rating of Indian Iron and Steel Sector: This book is on the environment status of the Indian Steel Sector — based on CSE’s environmental rating of major iron and steel plants of India. (Pages 256) PB: Rs 7,500/US $250)

31. Concrete Facts – The life cycle of the Indian Cement Industry: A compilation of facts on the Indian Cement Industry. It assesses and benchmarks the performance of 38 Indian cement plants with the global best practises. (Pages 164) PB: Rs 3,000/US $89

32. All About Paper – Green Rating of Pulp & Paper Industry: A comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) approach for assessing the environmental performance of pulp and paper industry. (Pages 344) PB: Rs 5,000/US $125

33. Mileage – Green Rating of Indian Automobile Industry: In-depth Life Cycle Analysis of the environmental performance of major players in the Indian automobile sector. (Pages 238) PB: Rs 490/US $18

34. Environmental Rating of Indian Caustic-Chlorine Industry: An exhaustive life cycle analysis of players in the Indian caustic chlorine sector and its impact on environment. (Pages 334). PB: Rs 2999/US $89

35. Challenge of the NEW Balance: This book is based on the latest study of the six most energy/emissions-intensive sectors of India, to determine India’s low carbon growth options. The sectors covered are: Power, Steel, Aluminium, Cement, Fertilizer and Paper & Pulp. (Pages 156) PB: Rs 690/US $39

36. Food As Toxin: Regulating for Good Food and Good Health: The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy. If you are also concerned about the health and well being of your family, this book will give you all the answers. (Pages 132) PB Rs 450 (US $35)

37. Homicide by Pesticides: A series of articles discuss the effects of environmental pollution on public health – a must have.
(Pages 128) PB: Rs 75/US $7

38. Mobility Crisis – Agenda for Action 2010: Discusses in detail ways and means of dealing with pollution and congestion in our cities and make the cities more walkable. (Pages 116) PB: Rs 290/US $12

39. Paryavaran ki Raajneeti – The Politics of Environment (Hindi): This Hindi publication is a crisp compilation of some of the select editorials of Ms Sunita Narain that were published by some of the leading Hindi dailies of the country. The book covers a wide spectrum of environmental issues such as: Air Pollution and Public Transport, Village Republic, Industry and Mining, Wildlife and Forests, Water and Climate Change. (Pages 156) Rs 290/US $12

40. Anil Agarwal Reader: The Anil Agarwal Reader collects in three volumes some of his select writings on environment. (Pages Vol-1: 348, Vol-2: 220, Vol-3: 268) PB: One Volume: Rs 300/US $15, Three Volume set: Rs 900/US $35

For more information:

T R Ramachandran
Deputy General Manager

Centre for Science and Environment
41 Tughlakabad Institutional Area
New Delhi 110062

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