Global Footprint Network’s 10th Anniversary


by Tim Willmott : Comments Off on Global Footprint Network’s 10th Anniversary

As they celebrate our ten-year anniversary, GFN are focused on scaling up Their efforts. It is possible to operate national economies within the budget of nature, but it is also an enormous shift from where they are today. Yet the conversations are happening. In the last year GFN has broadened its reach by creating new tools aimed at influencing the finance sector.

Specifically, in order to integrate ecological performance into financial risk analyses, they developed Environmental Risk Integration in Sovereign Credit (E-RISC) with UNEP Finance Initiative and 15 leading financial institutions. They demonstrated that ecological risks are significant economic factors. And because they affect countries very unevenly, ecological risks would rearrange traditional credit ratings quite significantly. Thus GFN is addressing the sustainability challenge at its roots— influencing the strategies of institutions, governments and the finance world.

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