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Following the publication of a factsheet about DECC’s Electricity Demand Reduction pilot on the GOV.UK website, companies and organisations are being invited to register their interest in taking part in the pilot by emailing

Key details:

  • At least £20 million is being made available to support projects that deliver lasting reductions in electricity demand, for example, through the installation of a more efficient lighting system, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system or electric pump.
  • Applicants will be able to bid eligible projects into an auction for a contribution towards the cost of installing more efficient electrical equipment that then delivers savings – on the basis of £ per kilowatt saved.
  • Final pilot rules and guidance will be published in June 2014. Applications will need to be submitted in October 2014, following which an auction will be held. Contracts to successful bidders will be issued in January 2015.

Please feel free to forward this information to your colleagues or to other organisations or companies who might be interested in applying for funding through the pilot or to disseminate through other routes – for example, your website, Twitter, newsletter, workshops or conferences or through relevant trade press.

If your organisation or company might be interested in taking part in the pilot or if, after reading the factsheet, you have comments or questions about the pilot, please write to:

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