New cargo bike set to revolutionise urban mobility


by Tim Willmott : Comments Off on New cargo bike set to revolutionise urban mobility

Belgian startup company johanson3 has designed a new generation of  cargo bikes that could transform urban transport by redefining the way we move around. The real issue for the urban traveler and the commuter is to get rid of his or her car or find an alternative transport solution for the last mile. The only alternative to a taxi, a tramway, or a bus is two wheeled-transport, but bikes are not for everybody. They have at least 4 essential main functions missing:

  • initial stability
  • payload capacity
  • accessibility for women & children
  • not designed to be used by older people.

Cargo bikes and electric cargo bikes are starting to emerge, but these do not re-imagine the technology.

The solution.

The johanson3 creates a real alternative at competitive prices. The vehicle has an impressive list of features:

  • Stable 3 wheels with a tilting system
  • Cheap to run and to purchase (2000 USD – 4000 USD)
  • Folding and dismountable
  • Large payload capacity up to 660 lb
  • Versatile and modular
  • Accessible from age 6 to 77 from 3ft3 to 6ft6
  • First vehicle allowing women and children to move safely whatever the dress code
  • User friendly and fun to drive
  • Many accessories such as windscreens , roofs, luggage, GPS , etc
  • 5 models to choose from
  • EU and US Dot approved
  • Can be used on soft grounds with fat tires
  • Can be used with off road tires for leisure
  • Can be used for icy roads with snow tires
  • Battery powered with 10 to 20 amp with 4 battery packs available
  • Advanced battery technology with fast reloading chargers
  • Solar applications for the appropriate climates
  • 3 antitheft solutions discouraging the current trend
  • Speeds from 9 mph to 50 mph
  • Speed can be limited to state regulations and insurance constraints
  • Concept can be licensed worldwide

The johanson3 is the brainchild of Johan Neerman, whose company, Neerman Transport, has worked in public transport systems for many years, on projects thathave included Strasbourg Tramway, Lyons Metro, Brussels Metro, Nantes Tramway, Astolm’s Citadis Tramway and the funicular at Tignes.

Johan says, “Unlike the car industry which is marketing driven we only deal with functionality and real added value when it comes to product design and market supremacy through invention.”

For more information go to the johanson3 facebook page.


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