The era of hydrogen-powered cars is upon us

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by Tim Willmott : Comments Off on The era of hydrogen-powered cars is upon us

With Toyota, Honda and Hyundai announcing cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells, it seems that the future is here, today. At a time when climate change is becoming obvious to all but the die-hard deniers, here is a technology that has been talked about, dreamed-of and wished-for. Now it seems it’s here and soon to be on our roads.

There’s still a long way to go – especially with infrastructure to support this fuel technology, but the cars are beginning to roll off the production lines. Expect prices to drop from A-lister’s plaything to serious contender in no time at all.

How Fuel Cell Cars Work

infographic by latgraphics on Visually.

…and here’s a clip about the fuel cell aquaponics farm set up by Hyundai to publicise their car:

Find out more about aquaponics here.



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