Big Community Switch launches in the UK


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Ichoosr, based in the Netherlands and working in Belgium and Netherlands, has launched the Big Community Switch in the UK.

The Big Community Switch is a new player in the collective switching marketplace. It is inviting individuals to sign up by 18 November 2013 to find out how much they can save.

Backed by local councils

The scheme is being run by a large group of local authorities together with iChoosr – however, people can sign up regardless of where they live in England, Scotland or Wales.

Accessible to all

The website says that, “Unlike price comparison sites, you don’t need access to the internet to benefit from the Big Community Switch. You can register by phone or in person at participating council offices (click here to see a list), or you can ask a trusted friend or relative to handle the online registration for you. If you know someone that could benefit then please let them know.”

How does it work?

After the registration period (18th November) has ended, the auction takes place. Ichoosr invite energy companies to offer their best deal, with the promise that every customer has the chance to accept the offer and switch to the winning supplier.

However, there is no obligation on the part of the individual to switch – it’s up to them to decide whether to or not.

According to DECC, it’s possible to save an average of £131 pa using collective purchasing.


Download the diagram pdf here


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